Society for Human and Institutional Development (SHID) working since 2000 with the aim to help and enable the disadvantaged, oppressed and marginalized people, to mobilize and utilize the internal and external resources to achieve sustainable improvement in their lives. The socio economic problems and the poor economic indicators of the rural areas and compounded by the indifference of the development agencies, made the community development professionals, educated youth and social volunteers of the organization realize that there deliverance rest in them. These educated young men and women got together in 2005 and formed an organization by the name of “Society for Human and Institutional Development”. SHID was registered on 14th May 2005, under the Societies Act of 1860 KP and with FATA Social Welfare Department in 2011. The NGO mobilized its internal and external resources and funded number of development and humanitarian activities with the financial support of national and international donor agencies. Now the NGO is making headway with the help of development and humanitarian organizations to carry out developmental and humanitarian initiatives to redress the human sufferings and provide them sustainable community development solutions to their problems.